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Dreams come true. Anna’s journey Collection, for Earth. I.

The Fisherman. Version. I took this image in Hastings, while walking the beach of Old Town, in one morning.
by Anna West.
Sunset on the Channel. Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Bristol Channel. by Anna West.
Old Town beach, East Sussex. Memory from Hastings, 2013. by Anna West.
The clouds over the path. Wales, Llantwit Major.
Black headed gull. Winchelsea beach. Memory.
First walks around the Lighthouse. Memory from 2017, after we arrived. Lovely walk. by Anna West
Dreams come true. Together. Seagulls, captured them at Winchelsea beach, in East Sussex. by Anna West.

My walking diary, Thursday the 25th April.

The temperature is between 8 and 13 Celsius today. Sunshine, well, on and off. Good it’s not too hot, excellent walking day. The humidity is 77%, the temperature feels like 10 Celsius at 10 in the morning. Good morning! Light rain showers are expected, just keep on eye on it, and keep the waterproof jacket in the backpack. Or, just let’s go for that 45 minutes regular step-training:)

Misty Sea. The view from the Lighthouse. by Anna West. Nash Point, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Good news furthermore, only moderate breeze blows in the Vale of Glamorgan area. And even though the mist still levitates over the Sea, the visibility is good. Rain is possible.
The Sun rose at 6 in the morning, Sunset at 20:30.
Have a lovely day to everyone! Much love.

Beautiful, misty Sea. Walking the South Wales coast. I made this image on the 23rd April.

My walking diary, Wednesday, 24th April.

For a couple of days now it’s misty on the Sea, I’ve mentioned in my previous post. The wind hasn’t blown it away, today, the rain has arrived. Not heavy yet, it’ll be though they say. The temperature has dropped to 12-13 Celsius maximum today. The Sun is hiding. Misty. Beautiful.
The Sun rose at 6am, and will set around 20pm. The humidity is obviously high, 80-100 %. At 11 o’clock the temperature feels like 11 Celsius, it’s raining. No strong wind which is good news for walkers, nice breeze from the South West is detectable. It’s good. Now, 45 minutes step-training, let’s go:)

The rocky coast, near Monknash. South Wales. I took this photo yesterday while walking the coast path.
Take a brake at the Lighthouse. by Anna West, on the 23rd April. Vale of Glamorgan, Nash Point, Monknash.
April colours. Walking the South Wales coast path. The 23rd of April. by Anna West.

My walking diary, 23. April 2019.

Walking the South Wales Coast Path. Distance 4.5 miles, walking on the rocky coast. The air is warm, nice, not too humid, not too dry either. Compared to the sunny weekend, today is slightly cloudy.
The Sun was hiding this afternoon, I’ve also seen mist out on the Sea, it’s been a nice walk though. The temperature right now, at 7pm is 18 Celsius, still warm. The Sun set at 20:23.

Spring in Wales. South Wales rocky coastline.
I took this picture today afternoon, while walking the South Wales coast path.
Walking the South Wales Coast Path. Today afternoon. by Anna West.

My walking diary, Sunday, the 21st. Walking the South Wales coast path

Nash Point Lighthouse by Anna West

The temperature 8-21celsius today. Nice, sunny, clear. Let’s get outdoor 🌞 πŸ“Έ πŸ„ β˜• enjoy the sunshine πŸ™ This is the Nash Point Lighthouse. I took this photo a couple of days before.

Finally we just walked down to the beach at Monknash, through the woods. Beautiful little lain leads to the beach, smooth and easy walk. Not many pictures I took because I really don’t like this xray type white lights dominated over this Sunday. The beach is lovely, though it is to hot for me now:) This hotwave is not that bad though as it’s been predicted. 22-23 Celsius is the temperature highest in the Vale of Glamorgan. I’ve seen mist out the Sea. On the Sea it’s misty and humid, while the beach was quite dry.

Hope you have a lovely week end!

My walking diary 20th April 2019

Today is a clear day with a temperature rises up 19 Celsius. Right now it’s 14, in Llantwit Major. Bit misty in the morning but that’s cleared by 9am. Gorgeous sunny, the sky is clear. Let’s get outside πŸŒžπŸ“ΈπŸ„β˜•πŸ΄β€οΈ Sun sets after πŸ•— in the evening πŸ™

My walking diary, 19th April 2019 β˜•

I took this photo on Saturday.

This lovely creature wanted some attention, and lots of strokes this morning πŸ€— ❀️ I was in hurry to work, couldn’t resist to spend few minutes with him though. I just love horses, looking into their eyes. There is kindness and pure love. Fantastic animals and I am certain that they help people with anxiety or panic attacks, depression. Horses are healers, too. Last autumn I have had the opportunity to take couple of lessons in the riding school. That was first time in my life I learned to ride a horse 🐴 with an excellent team. We had so much fun. The lessons took only 30 minutes each, but that time I always felt relaxed and 😊. The lessons helped to erase the worry that I had before riding a horse. I had always been scared of the big farm animals like cows or horses, but now it’s fine to stroke them or to walk near by them.